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1.) Why do I need a professional mobile bar service such as High Street Mobile Bar?


There are many reasons why you should hire a professional bar service for your event.

  • It lessens the possibility of people over-serving themselves at an open, self-serve bar. This responsibility turns into liability if you proceed to continue serving drinks to someone who is obviously intoxicated. Our bartenders are trained in these procedures. High Street Mobile Bar Service is also fully insured with a $2,000,000 liquor liability insurance and the bartenders are licensed, as required by the Alcohol and Tobacco Commission.

  • Hiring a bartender will also save you tons of money because bartenders employ industry standard portion control techniques. You will not have the stress during the event to oversee the bar service, including set-up and tear-down.  Everything is taken care of so you can enjoy your event! Trust me, you will receive compliments all night long when you hire our professional bartender and services

  • People will spend time searching out a DJ that is personable and can make their party enjoyable to the guests. But who interacts and talks to just about every guest at your party and will do so throughout the night? The “Bartender” not the DJ and not the caterer. We take pride and are known for our excellent guest services at events.

2. ) Why not just use the catering company I hired?  


High Street Mobile Bar exclusively focuses on bar service compared to caterers focuses on food services. We offer a wide selection of premium liquors and wines where most caterers only provide beer and wine or non-premium liquor if offered.  

3. ) What areas do you serve?


We provide mobile bar services throughout the State of Indiana.  However, mileage charge will be added to the set-up fee for events exceeding 60 miles from the Lafayette Indiana area, to be determined at time of booking.

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